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La Bra’ha du Rabbi

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Responses from the Rebbe
- the Leader of the Generation -


14th of Tammuz: in response to the concept of establishing a “Women’s Torah Center”:
“Regarding the establishment [of such a Center]-to be done with
consultation and upon the advice of local Chabad Rabbis; Azkir al
Ha’tsiyon (I will mention it at the resting-place of my father-in-law, the Previous Rebbe).”
(the response was received post-haste)


Rosh Chodesh Elul: in response to having received notification about the opening of Torah classes for women:
“[The letter was duly] received and greatly appreciated,
and this is taking place at a fitting time—-i.e., in the month
of Elul—when ‘the King is in the field’ and ‘welcomes everyone
with a pleasant countenance,’ etc. Azkir al Ha’tsiyon (as above)
and K’tiva Ve’Chatima Tova (may you be inscribed and sealed for
a good year).”


The 5th of Elul: in response to the notification as to the success of the first day of studies:
“It should be an ongoing activity, etc. K’tiva Ve’Chatima Tova /
Azkir al Ha’tsiyon (as above).”


The 1st Day of Rosh Chodesh Kislev: in response to a letter written on the 19th of Mar-Cheshvan:
“They should likewise continue to relay [to me] good news  regarding that which they already reported on,
as a fitting  continuation of that which is written: ‘Va’Yitein’ (and He shall
give), meaning: ‘and may He give again and again.’ [It is
known that the act of] giving is done with a generous spirit,
[and] how much more so when the word ‘giving’ begins with
‘and’; it should be in a manner of m’lekat’chila arriber’ (it
should be done that manner in the first place). And this is an auspicious
time: Alef  (the first ) of Rosh Chodesh (the head of the
month of) Kislev-1989 5750, of the year [entitled] ‘It Should be
A Year of Miracles,’ and seven-fold.”


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