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Sobre la `ruta`

מדרשה לנשים
מדרשה לנשים
מדרשה לנשים
מדרשה לנשים
מדרשה לנשים
Or Chaya is a seminary for Jewish and Chassidic studies for young women in Jerusalem with a dormitory for foreign students.
The dormitory is located at Rehov Chayei Adam 18 in Jerusalem.  Mrs. Yoella Colton is the Educational Director of the dormitory.



In the dormitory of Or Chaya you will find:
• A warm home.
• Maximum comfort with the emphasis on cleanliness and aesthetics.
• A dedicated and concerned staff- 24 hours a day.
• Preparing our students for Jewish marriage- including finding a mate and helping with the wedding.
 • A positive and varied social framework.
• A rich academic and Chassidic study program on a high level.
• Chassidic atmosphere during leisure time and social evenings.
• The central location allows easy access in Jerusalem.

Shabbat Seminars:
At Ohr Chaya there are special Shabbat seminars twice a month for a unique, educational, group Shabbat atmosphere.
It’s an opportunity to experience Shabbat in a different atmosphere!

All programs at Ohr Chaya are taught in Hebrew, English, Russian and French!

The Masa program for foreign students, in the center of Jerusalem, has an atmosphere of happiness and light, inspiring lessons, beautiful rooms, delicious meals, and fieldtrips. Scholarships are offered by the Jerusalem Municipality to our academic students.  Vocational and personal counseling is offered here as well as assistance with finding a suitable spouse and courses in Jewish marriage and family.


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