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Dear Friends,

We’d like to share with you the great life-work that is OR CHAYA. You can have the privilege of being an active and dynamic partner in the program of studies and activities held at the OR CHAYA Girls’ School and Women’s Center, which literally teem with activity, and which bring "chassidishe vitality" to thousands of Jewish homes by promulgating the values of Judaism and the Chassidic lifestyle in diverse and interesting ways.

Below are a few worthy options available to choose from that will enable you to join our ranks and take part in our activities, in this way becoming a veritable partner in the great undertaking called OR CHAYA.

Dowering a Bride:
OR CHAYA assists her students-who are like her daughters- in establishing a committed and everlasting Jewish home—bayit ne’eman b’Yisrael binyan adei ad -by providing them with tangible help with the numerous and formidable expenses for everything necessary for the wedding celebration, setting up an apartment, etc.

You have the option of being a true partner in helping establish one of these "eternal edifices"-starting with finding a proper "match" i.e., with a learned, chassidishe young man of fine character-up to and including contributing to OR CHAYA’s Bridal Fund; donations are dedicated solely to those girls who are truly in need.

A Book in the Library:
OR CHAYA has an extensive Jewish library comprising numerous volumes of Jewish law and Chassidic philosophy. You have the option of purchasing a sefer/ set of s’farim for the School’s library-either in memory of a loved one or in your own honor-in this way benefiting the entire student body who avails itself of these holy books.

A Hall in OR CHAYA:
OR CHAYA has spacious halls in which farbrengens and other large events are held. You may opt to purchase the "rights" to one of these halls with a one-time donation, in this manner earning the privilege of actively participating in the many events and farbrengens held by OR CHAYA within its walls during the course of the year.

A Dorm Room in the MACHON:
OR CHAYA’s School for Girls (the MACHON) operates a dorm with lovely and well-kept rooms. You can contribute a one-time donation equaling the cost of a room; by doing so, the deeds of Jewish/Chassidishe piety performed by the young residents of that room will be ascribed to your merit!

"Adopt" a Girl:
OR CHAYA’s student body is composed of girls from all around the world, who are in great need of aid and assistance. You have the option of "adopting" one of the MACHON’s students with a one-time donation (at your discretion), in this way lovingly nurturing her progress and development just like a parent!

A Brick in OHR CHAYA:
If you wish to be an actual part of the building of OR CHAYA- both materially and spiritually-you may purchase a "brick" or classroom and in this way become a full partner in the numerous hours of enthralling and profound Torah lectures and classes in Chassidut held within its walls.

In honor of your birthday, you can donate a sum (designated by you) to go towards the purchase of sifrei Kodesh, or for the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the School and Center.

Sponsor a Farbrengen:
You may opt to sponsor one of the many special events held by OR CHAYA in honor of a date on the Chassidic calendar, such as Yud-Tet Kislev, Chai Elul, or Chaf-Bet Shevat, and be blessed with a bounty of chassidishe light and of benefiting the many.

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