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A Word from the Director

All of us have borne witness to the extensive changes that have been taking place in the world over the last few generations, changes that have led to a search: the search for inner joy, depth, and vitality.

Such a passionate search as is occurring today is unprecedented, both in scope and in intensity, and encompasses all segments of the population.

Years ago, after having earned an academic degree, I, too, became an active participant in this search. I was looking for truth; the more I dwelled on the matter, the more I found myself dreaming of a unique Beit Medrash for women—a study framework that would provide me and my “fellow travelers” with the inner, missing dimension in life; a place where I could study the inner facets of Judaism on a outstanding level along with other women who, like myself, sought to exchange the “paper chase” with “the purity chase.”

With G-d’s help, I was privileged to found—together with a staff of serious, dedicated women—the OR CHAYA CENTER, a sort of “everyman’s university” for women, which provides a fitting response and solution to this inner thirsting for spirituality that is so on the upswing in this, the era of the advent of the Final Redemption.

I extend each of you a warm, personal invitation to come and see for yourselves, make your own impressions, and experience studies of an unparalleled standard.

With blessing,
Daniella Golan



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