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Why Choose OR Chaya?

The OR CHAYA Center for Women presents you with its outstanding advantages:

Discover a New World:
The inner dimensions of Torah, which up until now were unfamiliar to you, will open up a window to new horizons.

Draw on Your Inner Strength:
Thorough and profound Torah study will provide you with a source of spiritual inspiration that will aid yo u in revealing the hidden powers latent within you.

Develop Positive Thinking:
The root of positive thinking is the belief in HaShem; strengthening these foundations via the study of the inner dimension of Torah will lead you to sound cognitive habits.

Acquire Knowledge from Our Top-Notch Lecturers:
Your encounter with OR CHAYA’s unique teaching staff—comprising Roshei Yeshivah, rabbis, psychologists, and communal activists—will not only impart knowledge to you; it will also grant you the ability to internalize concepts that you’ve learned, as well.

Enjoy Personal Attention:
The family atmosphere at OR CHAYA facilitates your receiving warm and personal attention, both from educators as well as from the administrative staff.

Practical Application:
The synthesis between thought and action is of vital importance. The Hebrew word Torah—meaning “teaching, is derived from the Hebrew word hora’ah— meaning “instruction.” At OR CHAYA, every concept you learn is accompanied by instructions on how to apply it in your daily lives.

Provide Your Family with Happiness:
Establishing a healthy home, a home filled with joy—that is within the realm of your responsibility: the key is in your hands! The atmosphere of the entire home is directly influenced by your mood!  Your studies at OR CHAYA will guide you in achieving a permanently happy frame of mind, which will in turn create joy—both for you and for your immediate environment!

OR CHAYA: Enjoy Convenience and Comfort:
- conveniently located in Jerusalem’s midtown area
- easy access to public transportation, parking, etc.
- a pleasant, cozy, well-appointed, and welcoming atmosphere
- free hot drinks

Be Part of a Supportive and Variegated Company:
One of the amazing aspects at OR CHAYA is the diversity of both its teaching staff and its student body. Our teachers and educators are from across the diverse educational spectrum; our students are from all walks of life. Come join us for studies at OR CHAYA, and benefit from a unique learning experience!

Welcome, one and all!


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