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Our History and Purpose:
In Kislev 5764/December 2003, three former seminary students living in Jerusalem embarked on an ambitious project to provide themselves with a full program for learning Chassidus in English. Soon they discovered many other women in search of the same, and thus the Malchus program was born.

Since that modest beginning, hundreds of girls and married women have enjoyed the unique atmosphere of Malchus:  the dedicated teachers, the warm learning environment, the flexible schedule, and the stimulating classes on a variety of subjects-Textual Chumash, Parsha Insights, Tanya, Jewish Astrology, Practical Halacha, Niggunim, and more . . . all taught from a Chassidic perspective.

Someone who once visited the Lubavitcher Rebbe declared: "Rebbe, I’m ready for you to ignite my soul!" The Rebbe replied:"That is something that only you can do, but I will supply the matches." Malchus inspires each student to ignite her own spark through the light and vitality of Chassidus.

Our Name, "Malchus":
Every Jew has a unique soul, comprised of ten "soul powers." These powers include intellectual and emotional attributes, or sefiros. Malchus, the feminine attribute, is the culmination of all the sefiros. Malchus denotes the ability to receive with complete nullification towards the giver.

Paradoxically, it also refers to kingship and dominion. Thus, malchus takes everything given it and reflects it back in a more elevated way. This can be seen in a seed that is planted deep in the ground. The seed is the recipient of care, sun, rain, and nutrients, all for the purpose of producing beautiful trees and fruits, which then nourish mankind.

This is the role of the Jewish king, the Jewish people, and especially the Jewish woman-to receive influence and then actively reflect it back in a more effective manner. The goal of the Malchus program is to provide the Jewish woman of today with information and inspiration so she can reflect it back to her surrounding environment in a more meaningful way.




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