Take part in the Light Revolution

What we do

Ohr Chaya prides itself in being a pioneer place of study for women of all ages to discover the deep inner world of Torah. It is a place full of light and positivity, imbuing its bright spirit with the thousands of women who walk through Ohr Chaya’s doors. 

Located in the golden city of Jerusalem, Ohr Chaya brings the Rebbe’s Torah to life, and inspires women daily.

How we do it

Ohr Chaya

Designed for women of all ages, Ohr Chaya creates a special home for women of diverse religious and social backgrounds, providing inspirational and in-depth daily classes. The Ohr Chaya program creates an accessible forum for women who are out in the world to receive a weekly Torah “recharge” among a community of like-minded women. 

Machon Ohr Chaya

Machon is geared to empower the young Jewish women of our generation, ages 18-30, who are looking to enrich their knowledge of our Jewish tradition. The program offers serious and in-depth classes in a vast number of Torah topics, with a strong emphasis on building a Jewish home. 

Russian Speaking Program

The Ohr Chaya Russian speaking program caters to young women, ages 18-28, from Russian speaking countries, such as Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine, who bravely come to Israel alone looking to make it their permanent home. Recently, Ohr Chaya has readily opened its doors to some of Israel’s newest members from Ukraine. Both spiritually and practically, students develop their own inner resources to build the life of their dreams. 

Chaya Mushka Seminar

The Chaya Mushka Seminar is for post-high school young women in the Lubavitch- Charedi community. The program offers a unique and educational alternative as these young women begin their journeys into adult life, with an inspiring Chassidic atmosphere and high-level Torah studies. Alongside Torah study, students have the opportunity to pursue a degree at the many religious institutions in Jerusalem. 

A home

of light

We aim to help our young students develop into strong, productive, and joyous individuals who will build strong, stable relationships, create warm, supportive families, and raise healthy and happy children.

We are ever expanding, and our existing dorms are filled to capacity!

In these exciting times, we are renovating and expanding Beit Moshe to allow more young women to build enlightened homes.