The Home that Builds Homes

About us

Just a year after the passing of Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka, Daniella Golan received the lasting blessing from the Lubavitcher Rebbe himself to open a place of Torah study for women in Israel; and in 1989, Golan officially opened Ohr Chaya, named in blessed memory of the Rebbetzin, which has been a warm and transformative home to thousands of Jewish women ever since. 

Located in the golden city of Jerusalem, Ohr Chaya brings the Rebbe’s Torah to life, and inspires women daily. Golan holds her mission from the Rebbe with fervor, closely to her heart. 

“Thirty-five years ago, very few orthodox Rabbis were teaching women, and encouraging women in Torah study. The Rebbe was a visionary, a reformer. And Ohr Chaya stands today because of him.” 

Today, Ohr Chaya stands as the largest religious center for Jewish women around the world, empowering women from all walks of life. With classes taught in four different languages- Hebrew, English, Russian and Spanish- Ohr Chaya caters to the needs of all women who walk through its doors, who span a wide range of religious and social backgrounds, as well as varying ages. 

Additionally, special programs are geared towards young Israeli women, recently immigrated women from the Soviet Union, and young women from both the United States and Spanish speaking countries. All students enjoy full boarding in our luxury in-house dormitory. 

Ohr Chaya is committed to providing students with a spiritual, social and cultural experience that is designed to take the individual’s personal needs to heart. Classes are in-depth, with a strong emphasis placed on quality above all, ensuring both a wholesome and vibrant experience for every woman. 

With the transformative work of Ohr Chaya, more and more women are learning Torah each day; and this year, to honor its profound contribution to our Jewish tradition and to the women of Israel, Ohr Chaya’s founder, Daniella Golan, will be awarded the יקירת ירושלים award on Yom Yerushalayim by the mayor of Jerusalem. 

Or Chaya envisions a future filled with empowered Jewish women inspired by the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s teachings, and hope to help transform that dream into a reality as it stands at the cornerstone of a revolutionary movement. 

With deep gratitude to God, we are blessed to have the opportunity in guiding and shaping the next generation of Jewish women. 

Our blessing from the Lubavitcher Rebbe: 

“It was received; and “it has my” endorsement; and continue to relate good tidings… and the sages said that the ‘redemption will come in the merit of the righteous women’, ‘as you went out of the land of Egypt’…”