Russian Speaking Program

The Ohr Chaya Russian speaking program caters to young women, ages 18-28, from Russian speaking countries, such as Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine, who bravely come to Israel alone looking to make it their permanent home. The students live in our beautiful dormitory full-time, and are given a fully structured framework to help them acclimate to their new lives in Israel.

In addition to an in-depth and inspirational curriculum of Torah and Jewish tradition, the Russian speaking program provides a network of support, and a guided absorption program for the young women in order to ease the transition, and successfully help them integrate into Israeli society. Each student has the opportunity to attend a religious university for free through Ohr Chaya, and develop the needed skills to thrive. 

The women- who come from a range of different Jewish backgrounds- quickly find a home in the Ohr Chaya family, surrounded by new friends and a supportive staff. They acquire a vast knowledge of Torah and a deep understanding of how to build a Jewish family of their own. In addition, the students receive guidance through the Shidduch dating and marriage process as well. 

Even as their time at Ohr Chaya ends, the support they receive does not; every graduate receives psychological counseling with their spouse to ensure a harmonious marriage, and a bright future.

Both spiritually and practically, students develop their own inner resources to build the life of their dreams.

With the recent Ukrainian crisis of 2022, Ohr Chaya has opened its doors to dozens of young Jewish women, and is excited for them to become the newest members of the Ohr Chaya family! 

For these women, Chaya Mushka Seminar becomes not only a school of Torah, but a school of life. The classes are engaging and the trips around Israel are rich with Jewish tradition. Chaya Mushka inspires students towards an inner revolution of light and self-discovery.

Take part in making this dream a reality.

We aim to help our students develop into strong, productive and joyous individuals who will one day build strong and stable relationships, create warm and supportive families, and bring up healthy and happy children.

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