Machon Ohr Chaya

Machon is geared to empower the young Jewish women of our generation, ages 18-30, who are looking to enrich their knowledge of our Jewish tradition. The program offers serious and in-depth classes in a vast number of Torah topics- both spiritual and practical- such as halacha, Tanach and Chassidut. With a strong emphasis on building a Jewish home, Machon Ohr Chaya students participate in workshops in different areas of Jewish life, including family relationships, interpersonal communication, and parenting.

These young women are given the tools they need in creating their future Jewish homes, and along the way, find a home at HaMachon, as they grow alongside other women who have committed themselves to a similar journey.

The program has a caring and personable staff, giving support and guidance through the Shidduch dating and marriage process of each and every student. Every new Kallah receives a stipend to buy a beautiful new set of Tefillin and Talit for her future groom, and is escorted with joy and love to her Chuppah by the whole school!

These young women become family, and their friendships only strengthen with time even after their time at HaMachon ends, as they find support and joy in one another through life’s milestones. Their children become friends too!

HaMachon inspires young women who have found truth and meaning in Chassidut, from both secular and Charedi backgrounds. It is the perfect place for those who are yearning to come closer to God and to a meaningful life of Yiddeshkeit.

Take part in making this dream a reality.

We aim to help our students develop into strong, productive and joyous individuals who will one day build strong and stable relationships, create warm and supportive families, and bring up healthy and happy children.

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