Ohr Chaya

Designed for women of all ages, Ohr Chaya creates a special home for women of diverse religious and social backgrounds, providing inspirational and in-depth daily classes. Ohr Chaya’s classes span the spectrum; from Torah lectures, halacha and parshat hashavua classes, to seminars on Chassidic culture and art, women from all walks of life gather together at Ohr Chaya each day, and connect over a life of Torah and Mitzvos.

With some of the leading Rabbis and teachers from around the world, Ohr Chaya provides top-quality classes, both in large forums such as conferences with thousands of women, and in smaller, more intimate activities as well. Throughout the year, women from around the world travel to Israel to take part in Ohr Chaya’s special seminars- including Hannukah and summer season seminars.

The Ohr Chaya program creates an accessible forum for women who are out in the world- working and raising Jewish families- to receive a weekly Torah “recharge” among a community of like-minded women.

With classes offered in Hebrew, English, Spanish and French, all women have the opportunity to learn Torah in a serious yet joyful and open-hearted environment, and take part in this revolutionary initiative.

With the transformative work of Ohr Chaya, more and more women are learning Torah each day; and this year, to honor its profound contribution to our Jewish tradition and to the women of Israel, Ohr Chaya’s founder, Daniella Golan, will be awarded the יקירת ירושלים award on Yom Yerushalayim by the mayor of Jerusalem.

Take part in making this dream a reality.

We aim to help our students develop into strong, productive and joyous individuals who will one day build strong and stable relationships, create warm and supportive families, and bring up healthy and happy children.

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