Build the Future

Be a part of the future, and help support the women of Ohr Chaya grow into their authentic selves.

As our revolution of light continues to grow, we are expanding our beautiful student dormitory, Beit Moshe, and hope to support many more young women in building enlightened Jewish homes.


Vision and aspiration

At Seminar Chaya Mushka, the warm and vibrant “Chassidshe” atmosphere inspires post high-school young women to prepare for a dynamic life of “Yiddishkeit”, and gives them the guidance needed to build both themselves and their future homes in an environment of support, growth, love and happiness.
Through serious in-depth and practical study, students dive into real life topics with our staff of skilled and learned Rabbis and teachers, with courses in Halacha, Tanach and Agadah, Chassidut, family life, and self- development courses in positive psychology and self-awareness.
We strongly believe in preparing the women of Chaya Mushka in all aspects of life, and encourage students to pursue a degree or vocational certification at a religious institution, alongside their Torah studies.
All Chaya Mushka students live together in our dormitory – a warm, fun and safe environment that quickly becomes a home for the year. We are excited to begin our renovations to soon accommodate 130 young women to take part in the seminar.

Now, more than ever, Ohr Chaya is their home!



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From Dream to Reality

Located in the picturesque and quaint streets of Jerusalem, our dormitory was originally constructed in 1910, and stands as a prized landmark in the City of Gold. Built of beautiful Jerusalem stone, the dormitory is a classic staple of the magical Jerusalem aesthetic. Our renovation plans include a complete modernization of the building, while preserving and complementing its outer charm.

With the addition of three new floors, our new dormitory will have high ceilings, large closets, and beautiful mirpesot (balconies). The modern and artfully designed bedrooms will be sunlit and airy, with high quality furniture made to ensure our students’ highest comfort and satisfaction.

Take part in making this dream a reality.

We aim to help our students develop into strong, productive and joyous individuals who will one day build strong and stable relationships, create warm and supportive families, and raise healthy and happy children.

Help support our new and exciting dormitory, and sponsor:

A stone in our new​building’s wall, ​ with a dedication of your choice ​t​o  be a lasting foundation in a young woman’s future
Comfortable and modern furniture to decorate a room with a dedication of your choice
A full luxurious enchanting dorm, houses 135 wonderful students

We need your support

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