Chaya Mushka Seminar

The Chaya Mushka Seminar is for post-high school young women in the Lubavitch- Charedi community from around the world, including South America, the United States, France, and Israel itself. The program offers a unique and educational alternative as these young women begin their journeys into adult life, with an inspiring Chassidic atmosphere and high-level Torah studies. The program provides students with a year full of bright and uplifting experiences, deep introspection, and a new family to call their own.

Ohr Chaya believes in a full integration within Israeli society, and encourages the young women of Chaya Mushka Seminar to pursue a simultaneous degree or vocational certification at a religious institution or training program. With courses at prestigious institutions such as Betzalel art school, Machon Lev University, Wingate and School of Graphic Design Prog, students get the best of both worlds, right in the heart of Israel.

For these women, Chaya Mushka Seminar becomes not only a school of Torah, but a school of life. The classes are engaging and the trips around Israel are rich with Jewish tradition. Chaya Mushka inspires students towards an inner revolution of light and self-discovery.

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We aim to help our students develop into strong, productive and joyous individuals who will one day build strong and stable relationships, create warm and supportive families, and bring up healthy and happy children.

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